​Swami om Dhongi baba’s Ex contestant in Bigg Boss house seassion 10, after through in bigg Boss House. He give shocking statment like that, I have slapped salmna khan in bigg boss house, I can do miracles etc. 

Here’s Show 30 statement of swami om Baba 

1. ‘Ronald Reagan has written a book on me’

2. ‘I have signed a Hollywood movie’

3. ‘I am the most intelligent person’

4 ‘I did naagin dance to save my life’

5. ‘I started Jallikattu movement’

6. Don’t call me by my previous name Vinodanand Jha’

7. ‘I rule the hearts of nationalist fans’

8. ‘D company is after my life’

9 ‘BJP have called me for campaigning in Uttar Pradesh.

10 ‘ I can do miracles’

11. ‘400 doctors have done research on me’

12. ‘I have written a letter to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’

13. ‘Salman Khan is serving Dawood Ibrahim and is sending funds to him’

14. ‘Bigg Boss insulted me and Hindutva through Salman Khan’

15. ‘I will die for the country and not for Salman’

16. ‘I had slapped and kicked Salman Khan in the house’ 

17. ‘CIA is my enemy’

18. ‘I was forced to stay inside the house’

19. ‘My life was threatened inside Bigg Boss house’

20. ‘I have 40 crores supporters across the world’

21. ‘Note ban happened because of me’

22. ‘Bani told me that it’s written in her contract that she will be the winner of Bigg Boss 10’

23. ‘I told Manveer that I will make you the winner’

24. ‘ I have shut down Bigg Boss’.

25. ‘Nobody can fool me’.

26. ‘Bigg Boss has not given a penny to Om Swami’

27. ‘I was given drug injection inside Bigg Boss house in the name of medicine’

28. ‘Bigg Boss makers have cheated the audience and have shot the finale before the date.’

29. ‘Bigg Boss and Salman Khan were inviting me to the grand finale’

30. ‘Grand finale has been done on January 25

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