Every Indian News Channel are using for Television Report Point (TRP) to a Disgusting people “Swami Om (Dhongi) Baba” in Bigg Boss 10 house. Bigg Boss is most popularity reality show in Indian Television. it’s format of UK based Reality Television Show Bigg Brother. Swami om (Dhongi Baba) throw pee in task on bigg boss contestant VJ Bani and Rohan. All the television are invite swami om (Dhongi Baba) for a discusting debat in news channel.

Swami Om even claims that Salman Khan threw a cigarette puff on his face, after which he lost his control and slapped him.

What Swami Om did on Thursday’s episode in Bigg Boss 10 House, says Divya Nair, has not only made the show disgusting, but his survival so far has set a negative precedent for future participants to go to any lengths to garner TRPs.

Swami Om’s another person how loss her mind.His need to checkup for mantal Hospital.