Swami Om Ji entered the house again and it was the danger sign for all the housemates. OM Ji went out of the house for the hearing of his criminal cases in Delhi court and has come back in the house. We saw in last night’s episode, as he entered the show he directly started creating drama in the “Maalgaadi Task”. Swami om Ji was not knowing any rule of the task and he just got out of the Train. After seeing all this Bigg Boss had to interrupt in between the game and said Swami Ji to get back the train he can only come out when the buzzer rings. Then, to become the Captaincy contender he comes out of the train engine.

Well, we all know no drama is complete without drama, in tonight’s episode something shocking is going to happen. In the Maalgaadi task,  Om Ji will trouble so much to Manu Punjabi, Manveer Gujjar and Nitibha Kaul. Only these three prisoners are left in the ‘Maalgaadi’ task. Swami om Ji wants to ruin their game so he enter’s the train and snatch’s away umbrella and other things from the three of them.  This created an intense fight against Manveer, Manu, Nitibha Vs Swami Om Ji.

When Swami was trying to take their umbrella on the other side the three of them was trying not to let Swami take umbrella. When this argument were going on Swami gets a small cut in his hand and he starts shouting that Manu, Manveer and Nitibha are trying to hurt him.Then Swami did shocking thing and he is just unbelieveable. Swami starts spreading the blood on everyone instead of taking the first aid.

Now we need to see how all the housemates will deal with om ji’s new drama. As last time Rohan went through the same condition and now Manu, Manveer should suffer this torture of Swami Ji.