Famous Indian Reality TV show Bigg Boss is a hit among audiences. Now Bigg Boss is presenting 10 season. Ardent fans of the show wait for the entire year for three months filled with entertainment and controversies.

Did you know who’s the voice behind on Bigg Boss house. No one ever has seen the face of Bigg Boss. He is just a voice who commands something. But today, we show you the face behind ‘Bigg Boss “CHAHTE HAIN“. The man behind the voice is Atul Kapoor. Atul is an Indian actor and voice actor who has a good command on English and Hindi languages. Atul’s 48 and he is working as a voice over artist since 2002.


Here’s The Picture of Atul Kapoor


Almost everyone watching the show would agree that living for 90 or 100 days in a house with strangers is not that difficult. It is Bigg Boss, the dictator of the house who makes it difficult. Bigg Boss, the owner of the house makes the contestants dance as and when he wants.

Well, we not only introduce you to Atul Kapoor, but also to another man who is an integral part of this show. When Bigg Boss gives a task to contestants, we hear someone explaining the nitty gritty of it or when contestants speak in English, someone translates it for audiences to understand.

The person behind this voice is Vijay Vikram Singh. Vijay has an MBA degree from Faculty Management Studies Benares Hindu University. He left his cushion job in Bandra, Mumbai to become a voice over artist. He first lent his voice for the fourth season of Bigg Boss. Vijay is a fan of the show and when he met Salman Khan, who hosts the show, he was humbled by the reception the superstar gave him.

Here is the picture of Vijay:


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