We all know how Swami Om Ji had created the fight with his worst strategy to ruin Rohan Mehra’s captaincy task. At the last captaincy task between Manveer and Rohan, Swami Ji destroyed all the flowers of Rohan. This behavior of Swami Ji irked other contestants, Swami was warned before the task started but he did not stop his nasty behavior. When Swami crossed his limits Rohan pushed him strongly, Bigg Boss punished Rohan as nominated for the full season.

After this incident happened, Swami Ji said to Bigg Boss that he is unable to hear from his left ear and created drama. Bigg Boss called doctors inside the house for chekup. Doctor was in the confession room and check Swami Ji there. Something shocking happened there, the doctor was checking Swami’s right ear. Before doctors were called Swami complained that he couldn’t hear from his left ear. Why did Swami do this? Is his lie EXPOSED now? We have got one picture which clearly shows Swami was just doing drama.

Biggest Lie Exposed of Swami OM Ji Over The Slap Incident!

Swami Ji is psycho and intolarable. What do you guys think was Swami acting or he was really hurted? Please do share your thoughts with us by commenting below.