TCP manufacturing company  different types of light like that CFL, Mercury, Led bulb light revolutionized Energy efficient lighting, TCP light used more than 1.5 Million around the World.

Please note down how to manufacture ‘TCP CFL’

Step 1: Making the Glass

Material used: – Sand, Crushed Recycle Glass, Limestone and other Raw Materials

Step 2: – Bending the Glass

1 st Automated Banding Machine) Automated banding is an Exclusive process that only  used TCP can provide customer

Step 3: – Coating Stage

Glass in exclusive  Horizontal rotation in coating process  improve Lumen maintenance and improve overall optimization performance

Step 4: – Filament

In this process improved Lumen maintenance

Step 5 Amalgam

In this process 100% Amalgam insert the glass.

Step 6: – Circuit Board

Circuit board surface mounted allowed for a smaller ballast size and PC board and wave soldering do not contain Lead

Step 7 : Assembly and Accessories

Step 8: – Final packing and dispatch

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