The world’s fastest train with the maximum speed of 380 KM/H will be launch in China next month. The fastest train would run on Zhengzhou to Xuzhou.

According to the reports, China will use the new generation train mainly used to ferry passengers. The 16,000 km of the speed train tracks connecting most of its top cities that include the Beijing-Shanghai. The government of China has decided to increase the number of rail tracks to boost the economy of the country through the world’s fastest train. China has gone one-step further by thinking of marketing the fastest train with collaboration with the other countries. And India tops the list.

Compared to the last generation bullet train, the new train’s continuous operating speed has increased 50 km per hour to 350 km per hour, and the highest speed is 400 km per hour in testing phase. In future, the new generation train will be mainly used to carry passengers in China.