1.Khandala and Lonavala (Bhushi Dam)

The twin hill stations of Lonavla and Khandala approximately 160 Km from Mumbai, close to the Deccan Plateau offers a combined package of  water and land. The ‘Bhushi Dam’ situated nearby has a beautiful waterfall to boast, bathe in the streams or have a picnic nearby.

2. Matheran

When you think of a weekend monsoon getaway, the first thing you think about is quiet and calm. Then what better than Matheran, which has rule of no vehicles allowed within the town!  Just the journey to Matheran from Neral Junction is exciting, a train ride in a heritage railway and travel around the town on horseback or hand pulled rickshaws. The hills themselves have much to offer as the clouds practically descends over it in the monsoon and  with an adjoining valley it has over 30 lookout points.

3. Alibaug

A drive to Alibaug is just as beautiful as the place itself. Alibaug has many beaches to boast and the Kolaba sea fort just around the corner. However, for monsoon give the beaches a skip and head instead to Korlai Fort – a half hour distance from Alibaug, it is a lesser known destination but a fantastic place to visit near Mumbai in monsoon. An easy trekking to the top offers a panoramic view of the sea and right down under you can enjoy a swim in what looks like the ruins of the Royal Bath. During Monsoon, the ferry services to Alibaug are closed, making it accessible only via road.

4. Mahabaleshwar – Panchgani

The most popular hill station in the Sahyadri Ranges of Maharashtra, Mahabaleshwar offers a fantastic panoramic view of surrounding hills and valleys. Monsoons cover the area in thick vegetation and waterfalls and springs crop up. Mahabaleshwar receives some of the highest rainfalls in Maharashtra which makes the hilltops look dressed in rains. About 20 kms from Mahabaleshwar, there is another hill station called Panchgani. It receives comparatively less rainfall than Mahableshwar and has beautiful valleys and rock formations to boast. It has Asia’s second largest mountain plateau called Table Land. Apart from this, Sydney Point, Devil’s Kitchen and Parsi Point are some other attractions.

5. Malshej Ghat

A hill station in the mighty Sahyadri ranges, this place near Mumbai in monsoon is engulfed in green hills and innumerable waterfalls. The drive to Malshej Ghat through itself is calming with the picturesque view of the splendid valleys and placid lakes. This mountain pass is also home to various flora and fauna; flamingos are known to come here all the way from Europe during the monsoons! An excellent place to visit near Mumbai for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking, bird watching and there are some good resorts nearby to relax and rejuvenate as well.

5.Mulshi Dam

A quick 3 hour drive from Mumbai, Mulshi Dam is your one day escape route from Mumbai’s chaos. The Dam built on the Mula River is a major electricity generator for Maharashtra. In the peak monsoon season, the dam flows in full force and there is a deep fog in the region making it feel like literally walking in the clouds. A drive to Mulshi itself is invigorating with the area covered in forest lands and mist.

 7. Tapola

tapola, Places to visit near Mumbai in monsoon

Tapola is a satellite village of Mahabaleshwar about 25 kms ahead of it. One can get an amazing view of the Koyana Dam. Which is one of the biggest dams in Maharashtra. Kas Pathar is a place one must visit while here as it turns into a breathtaking bed of flowers post monsoon. But the main attraction at Tapola is the Shivsagar Lake.