Watch Video of sultan funny mistake:

1.  Initially we will start from Poster. Just take a closer look to the social media promotion for Yash Raj Films (YRF). One of the little mistake the crew has made. The mistake is that they didn’t change the new logo of Instagram, rather than it is appearing blue in colour.

2. The scoreboard reads as IRI which is portraying the Iran team rather it should appear as an IRA.

3. You can itself guess difference between mirror image and actual image.

4. Anushka is seen wearing a hair-pin which is a big mistake considering she is on wrestling ground.

3 Mistakes in Sultan’s Teaser And Poster

5. Salman Khan after transforming to a middle class bread winner, picks up 3 school kids and leaves them in ganne Ka rass while moving to office. But he should drop them in school right?

6.Bhai’s Statue: It doesn’t portray our Bhai rather than it portrays an ordinary Boy.


If you know any other mistake please comment in below