Anant Ambani has been overweight since his childhood. He came under the glare of the public at the match fixtures of Mumbai Indians. He has lost him weight  108 Kg. in 18 Month.

That was when the public first noticed his bulk and over a short period of time, he became the butt of crude jokes on twitter. These jokes were often accompanied with harsh comments. Some users even went to the extent of claiming that Anant Ambani was mentally challenged and that was the reason he was overweight.

Bollywood celebrities and fitness experts can’t help but shower the 21-year old with praise and appreciation on achieving this feat.

But recently Anant Ambani, the youngest son of Nita and Mukesh Ambani, has lost 108 kg in 18 months, The Times of India reported. that he was spotted at a ceremony at the Somnath Temple looking slim, his new image caught the media persons assembled by surprise and the next day it was splashed all across the newspapers. So the question on everyone’s lips now is how did he lose weight.

Anant Ambani gave some instructions for youth that is you never give up to do anything.